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A LARP database built for you
A LARP database built for you
Manage characters, create customized skill rules, manage in-game items, and more. To learn more, click below.

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Key features of our software

Game system adaptable

MyLARP was built to adapt to nearly any game system. Have you found a case where it can't? Let us know!

Lots of features

We've developed many different modules and included them for everyone to use. More features are always under development. Got a great idea for a new feature? We're always listening.


We've worked hard to create MyLARP with phones, tablets, and PCs in mind.

By LARPers, for LARPers

Our passion is LARP and the LARP community. We build tools to enrich the games we play and the people we play them with.

We know LARP.

Players and campaign managers worldwide are using MyLARP to solve difficult challenges. Our team has over thirty years of LARPing experience as players, staff, management, and ownership. MyLARP comes with tools to help every level of LARPer.




As a player, you can access features to make interacting with and finding new LARPs easy!

Find new games

Map showing locations of LARP games

Search with maps or by familiar campaign names to discover LARPs around your area that use MyLARP!

Multiple campaigns, single login

List showing LARP games a user can join

Your MyLARP account is a gateway to interacting with all the campaigns you play that use MyLARP.


Web page showing the character creation process

Login and start building characters in any campaign you join. Save your character and manage in-game items all through a single portal.


MyLARP's features make managing your game easier!

Customized character management

Our character management tools allow you to put the process of creating and updating character online. Design and implement custom configurations to suit your game's rules.

Skill configuration

Our skill configuration tools allow you to create skills players can add to their characters based on your game's rules, e.g. custom prerequisites.

Event management

Schedule and configure your events so your players know when to come play!

Be discovered

Joining MyLARP means players who are traveling or relocating can easily find your game.

Gain insights

Business tools give you insight into your game's vital data with surveys and graphs to help you make business decisions.

Virtual currency/marketplace

Manage in-game money and sell power-ups, buffs, potions, starter packs, or other in-game and out-of-game items through your own virtual marketplace.

Story management

Record and keep your game's story, as well as your player's character biographies in one place instead of in a dusty folder where nobody else can read them.

Monster encyclopedia management

Record and keep your game's bad guys along with their stats in an online compendium.

In-game item management

Save in-game items in your game world and assign them to characters when your heroes pick them up!

Volunteer management

Record when players sign in and out of volunteer opportunities like NPCing or monstering.

User roles

Grant players on your staff new roles within MyLARP to grant them elevated privileges within the system.


Every campaign has its own Help Desk players can submit problems or questions to. No more lost passwords to email inboxes or player issues that get forgotten.


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